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Valhalla n : (Norse mythology) the hall in which Odin received the souls of slain heroes [syn: Walhalla]

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  1. In Norse mythology, the home of warriors slain gloriously in battle.

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main Death in Norse paganism Valhalla (Old Norse Valhöll, "Hall of the Slain") is Odin's hall in Norse mythology, located in the Asgardian realm of Gladsheim and is the home for those slain gloriously in battle (known as Einherjar) who are welcomed by Bragi and escorted to Valhalla by the valkyries. (The "höll" part of Valhöll means 'hall'.) The term 'Valhalla' has entered popular usage for an ideal, heaven-like destiny.

The story

The main gate of Valhalla is called Valgrind, which is described in Grímnismál as a "sacred gate", behind which are the "holy doors" and "there are few who can tell the manner by which it is locked".
The hall itself has 540 doors, so wide that 800 warriors could walk through side-by-side. It is said that there is room enough for all those chosen. Here, every day, the slain warriors who will assist Odin in Ragnarök, the gods' final conflict with the giants, arm themselves for battle and ride forth by the thousands to engage in combat on the plains of Asgard. Those who die in the fighting will be brought back to life. At night, they return to Valhalla to feast on the boar Sæhrímnir and drink intoxicating drink. Those who do not get to Valhalla go to the home of the dead (Hel), a place beneath the underworld (Niflheim), or one of various other places. Those who are lost at sea, for example, are taken to Ægir's hall at the bottom of the sea or loch.
In addition to the Valkyries and the Einherjar, a rooster named Gullinkambi lived there.

Popular culture references



  • Valhalla is a studio currently making games.
  • Valhalla is a heaven-like area in the MMORPG "Ragnarok Online" where high level characters are led to Valhalla via "The Book of Ymir." In Valhalla, players "transcend" their characters into their highest attainable and most powerful forms.
  • Valhalla is a Halo 3 multiplayer level set in a canyon.
  • Also in the game Lenneth, Valhalla, the kingdom of the gods, is part of the plot. In Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, Valhalla itself is an explorable dungeon, resembling a grand castle where different Aesir guards are fought.
  • Valhalla, also called Beyond the Pale, is an astral plane to which characters ascend after beating the Naughty Sorceress and freeing King Ralph XI in the online game Kingdom of Loathing.
  • Valhalla is the battlepoint of the 'greatest warriors of all time and space' in the tabletop game, Heroscape.
  • Valhalla is the home world of the hidden Viking character Olaf in the video game Rock N' Roll Racing.
  • Valhalla is a level on Marvel, Ultimate Alliance




Television and film

  • Leo was taken to Valhalla in the premiere episodes of Charmed's sixth season.
  • In the anime Saint Seiya, the five bronze Saints head for the palace of Valhalla to release Polaris Hilda from the spell of the Nibelung ring
  • In an episode of the Cartoon Network show The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Billy is mistakenly sent to Valhalla, while the Viking he replaced ravages his house.
  • In an episode of Samurai Jack, Jack fights a warrior, who was turned into a monster by Aku, so he could die in battle and break free from Aku's spell and go to Valhalla.
  • In the film 'Eric the Viking', the characters briefly visit Valhalla.
  • In the movie Beowulf, it is called the shining citadel.
  • In the second season of Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Jimmy Olsen is a victim of a conspiracy known as "Project Valhalla."
  • In the movie "The Thirteenth Warrior" Valhalla is where the dead go.
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